This endpoint allows a user to pass in an ISO timestamp and receive a list of references to invoices that have either been created or modified on or after that date.

Many invoice properties (such as status) are computed and can change frequently depending on a variety of factors. Some events that can cause an invoice to be modified are payments being applied, credits applied, refunds issued, cancellations processed... etc.

When one of these events occurs, the invoice has effectively been modified. In order to keep your system in sync, this endpoint allows you to list all invoices that have been modified since a start date.



Not all modifications will result in mutated data, your system should expect versions of invoices to be the occasionally the identical.


This endpoint is paginated and can return up to 100 invoice references at a time. For your convenience, the response will tell you how many total invoices have been modified since your start date (timestamp) along with the current page you have retrieved and the index of the next page. Don’t include the page parameter on the first call.



This endpoint allows up to 100 invoice references retrieved per page.

timestampISO timestamp of the on or after date to query
page🚫A cursor for pagination across multiple pages of results. Don’t include this parameter on the first call. Use the nextPage value returned in a previous response to request subsequent results.
limit🚫A limit on the number of objects to be returned. Limit can range between 1 and 100, and the default is 10.

Request & Response

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