List of accessorial charges

When obtaining a quote, use this list as a reference to specify which special services are required. Some accessorials require internal activation by the Mothership team, please reach out to Developer Support for additional information.

AccessorialDescriptionPickup or Delivery
appointmentRequires notifying consignee before deliveryDelivery
alcoholFreight contains alcoholBoth
cfsRequires picking up from / delivering to a Container Freight StationBoth
crossDockRequires transferring cargo directly between vehicles without storagePickup
hazmatFreight contains hazardous materialsBoth
homeDeliveryFreight needs to be delivered directly to a recipient's homeDelivery
insideRequires moving freight inside a buildingBoth
liftgateRequires lift-gate serviceBoth
limitedAccessRequires moving freight within an area with limited accessBoth
localInsideDeliveryRequires delivery inside a local establishment or roomDelivery
residentialRequires moving freight in a residential neighborhoodBoth
tobaccoFreight contains tobacco productsBoth
tradeshowRequires traveling to a trade show / convention locationBoth