Receiving Webhook Requests

Webhook events arrive as a POST requests, usually within 1 minute of the triggering event.

Webhook requests that return a 4XX or 5XX status code will retry up to 5 times at 30 minute intervals until a 2XX status code is returned.

Below is an example webhook payload.

  "data": {...}, // Webhook event data
  "deliveryAttempt": 1, // Times we have sent this event, including this attempt
  "pendingRetries": 4, // Times we will re-attempt to send this event if this attempt fails
  "eventType": "shipment.purchased",
  "sentAt": "2019-03-19T17:42:59.745Z" // ISOString datetime that we sent this webhook event

The contents of data will vary by webhook event type. More information can be found at the links below.

Bill of Lading
Proof of Delivery